Carbonyl Nickel Powder Has A Potential Market In China

Production process of carbonyl nickel is not a new technology and has study history for 100 years. China’s research time is about tens of years. Refining of nickel carbonyl is a simple process with low energy consumption and high extraction rate. It also conducive to non-precious metal waste environmental enrichment process and can produce high-purity nickel balls, metal powder, alloy powder, powder coated, foam nickel and nano nickel powder. But within a long time, as the market demand for high purity nickel powder is small, it limits the development of nickel carbonyl.

Over the last decade, the rapid development of high-tech silicon powder industries in the situation, especially with the energy, communications technology and the continuous development of the family car, nickel carbonyl product was rapidly raising trend in annual growth rate of about 10%. As the pyrolysis of nickel carbonyl can be prepared different properties, different shapes of a variety of products, such as zero- dimensional materials (nano, micron powder materials), one-dimensional materials (needle-like and filamentous material), two-dimensional materials (thin films ) and three-dimensional materials (nickel pills, coated, gradient and hollow materials) and other special structural state of the nickel product, these products have excellent physical and chemical properties of many fields, especially in high-tech industry, an important raw material, so the market demand rapid expansion and the prospects are bright.

At present the production of nickel carbonyl in developed countries the technology advanced, mature, and can scale production, annual production capacity of 18 million tons and consumption at 16 to 18 tons. With the energy, telecommunications, precision electronics industry continues to develop, nickel carbonyl product demand will remain at 10 percent annual increase. World nickel carbonyl products market has been dominated by Canada on the international market price of nickel carbonyl has become a monopoly price.

Nickel carbonyl is currently China’s annual demand of products 4000-5000 tons. The main products are carbonyl nickel powder, coated powder and carbonyl nickel – iron alloy powder, mainly for military use. Adopt international advanced Canadian atmospheric carbonyl method technology and equipment, nickel carbonyl product capacity can reach 2000 tons / year, including: 1,000 tons of nickel carbonyl pill, 580 tons of micron nickel carbonyl powder, 80 tons of micron carbonyl iron powder,, 20 tons of nanoscale nickel carbonyl powder, 200 tons of carbonyl nickel – iron alloy powder, 100 tons of coated powder and 20 tons of special functional materials bronze powder (FCu 663).

As the price of nickel carbonyl is relatively stable, the gross margin of low-price nickel is higher. But the nickel price raises sharply, its profitability decreases. Therefore, China will be flexible in controlling the production of nickel carbonyl basing on market situations.

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