Why Samsung Could Be Ditching Smartphone Lithium-Ion Batteries For Graphene

Samsung is rumored to be working on a smartphone that has a graphene battery. What’s with this kind of battery that the Korean giant wants it?

Graphene, touted as a “wonder material” is stronger than steel but lighter than paper. First created by scientists in 2004, it is a thin layer of pure carbon extracted from graphite and packed tightly into a honeycomb structure.

The material can be built into batteries to greatly enhance their performance. It can improve energy storage, helping to prolong battery life and enhance performance.

Graphene can also speed up energy transfer between batteries and chargers. Scientists believe that the material can act as a “superhighway” for charging because it allows energy to pass through very quickly — enough to charge a phone from zero to 100% in a mere 7 seconds.

Ref: http://nanthavictor.com

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