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New dissolvable Metal support enables 3D printing of complex metallic Structures

Researchers have fabricated dissolvable carbon steel structures using 3D printing technology that can provide temporary support for components of larger stainless steel structures made by additive manufacturing. The first-of-its-kind soluble metal support is subsequently removed via electrochemical etching in nitric acid with bubbling oxygen, as described in an article in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. The article “Dissolvable Metal Supports for 3D Direct Metal Printing ” demonstrates an application of this novel approach, in … Continue reading

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3DPrinting using #StemCells? #Israeli company runs successful lab tests

Rick Stella, May 31, 2016 Nano Dimension, an Israeli company that is a leader in 3D-printed electronics, announced this week that it has run a series of successful lab tests on a new 3D bioprinter capable of using stem cells. Conducted in partnership with the Israeli stem cell research company Accellta, Nano Dimension’s recent experiment represents a dramatic shift from its typical focus on electronics such as circuit boards and nanotechnology-based inks. Prior work … Continue reading

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TriAlpha Energy, a Company Pursuing the Ideal Power Source

A startup in California has raised $500 million to chase the elusive dream of fusion power. Is this crazy, or is the company on to something? by Richard Martin May 20, 2016 No energy technology is more tantalizing than fusion, but no energy technology has proved more disappointing. So how has a fusion company in Southern California raised nearly half a billion dollars from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Paul Allen? Does it … Continue reading

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Airbus Gets 1st Production Jet Engines With 3D Printed Parts From CFM

The European aircraft maker Airbus received the first two production models of the LEAP-1A engine for the next-generation Airbus A320neo passenger jet on April 2. The delivery is a milestone both for Airbus and CFM International, the 50/50 joint venture between GE Aviation and France’s Snecma (Safran) that developed them. The LEAP is the first engine that includes fuel nozzles 3D-printed from a superalloy, carbon-composite fan blades woven from the ground up and parts … Continue reading

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Sandvik Innovates With Atoms And Stars

“We like questions that nobody else has answered,” said Richard Park, Managing Director of Sandvik’s Osprey unit. “Though we’re not always asked to work on projects aimed at answering the fundamental question about the origin of the universe.” He was referencing Sandvik’s recent contribution to the Cosmology Large Angular Scale Surveyor, or CLASS telescopes that Johns Hopkins University, NASA, and other partners hope will detect “the faint afterglow of energy released during the first … Continue reading

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Nano tech CVMR Tennessee cuts Gold & Silver Mexico acquisition deal

By David Drake My board adviser at LDJ Capital family office Kamran Khozan of CVMR® (USA) Inc. and Auxico Resources Canada Inc. announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance according to which CVMR® will manage and refine Zamora Silver and Gold assets in Mexico. Zamora properties contain 16 historical mines including a vast area of untapped resources of those metals. Samples with 20 g/t of gold and 14 kg/t of silver … Continue reading

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3D printed Graphene aerogels take shape | Chemistry World

The 3D printed graphene oxide aerogel is light enough to be balanced on a piece of cotton wool © Courtesy of Professor Dong Lin, Kansas State University and Chi Zhou, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York Aerogels are low density materials with a sponge-like structure that have a number of useful applications such as thermal and optical insulators. Researchers are particularly interested in graphene aerogels as they possess additional properties such … Continue reading

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Nano Dimension Announces New Collaboration with Tel Aviv University, Enabling 3D Printing of Sensors Using Nickel Nano- Particles

NESS ZIONA, Israel, Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Nano Dimension, a leading printing electronics company in the area of 3D printing (TASE: NNDM, OTCQX: NNDMY), announced today that Nano Dimension Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of Nano Dimension, has signed a collaboration agreement with Ramot at Tel Aviv University, under which a group of researchers headed by Professor Gil Markovich, head of the department of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University, will collaborate on the … Continue reading

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‘Enough power for Mars lander’: NASA tests first 3D Printed Space engine

A fully 3D-printed rocket engine is almost complete: 75 percent of all the necessary parts have already been manufactured, put together and successfully tested by NASA. The 3D-printed engine parts, all combined in a real space propulsion system, generated 20,000 pounds of thrust when they were test-fired with cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen by a team from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. “We manufactured and then tested about 75 percent of … Continue reading

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The 3DPrinted ElectricCar that can charge itself off a SolarPowered house

A fully-drivable 3D printed car is also helping do its bit for the environment, thanks to a U.S. government initiative. The eco-friendly vehicle was built using newly-developed large-scale printing technology, and was designed to work together with an equally environmentally-friendly house. Both the car and the house were created as part of an initiative by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee. Experts at the laboratory wanted to develop a … Continue reading

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