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Carbontech: How Business is Creating Wealth from Waste

CVMR was invited to participate in the Carbontech event organized by Energy & Environment Canada and Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policy (CEGP), at the Canadian Consulate in NYC on 25 March 2019.

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Sergey Sall, a physicist: ”If we adopt these technologies, need for oil and gas will be reduced tenfold”

Power generating systems that do not require gas or oil fuel, in other words, any energy, but they produce energy themselves… Sounds fantastic. However, such plants have already been developed, tested and patented by scientists from different countries. For example, car engines running on this system do not require refuelling with gasoline or any other fuel, and it is quite easy to assemble them. If these discoveries promise such great benefit to the world, … Continue reading

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Is Graphite The Next Big Thing In The World Of Alternative Energy?

David Drake on The Huffington Post Chairman, LDJ Capital Climate change is upon us. It needs to be addressed and be a priority. Searching for sources of alternative energy is an important topic and there is an important mineral that can potentially make a huge difference for future generations. For several years now, I enjoy getting business advice from CVMR Corporation (CVMR) CEO Kamran Khozan. His firm CVMR has a nanotech and metallurgical expertise … Continue reading

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Nickel & Graphene: Scientists create LithiumIon Battery that won’t catch fire

Concerned about the batteries that power the hoverboard you got for Christmas overheating and possibly catching fire? Well, Stanford researchers have created a lithium-ion battery that shuts down before overheating and then restarts immediately once the temperature cools down. The Stanford research was published in the journal Nature. “People have tried different strategies to solve the problem of accidental fires in lithium-ion batteries,” Zhenan Bao, a professor of chemical engineering at Stanford, said in … Continue reading

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NASA Research Could Save Commercial Airlines Billions in New Era of Aviation

The nation’s airlines could realize more than $250 billion dollars in savings in the near future thanks to green-related technologies developed and refined by NASA’s aeronautics researchers during the past six years. These new technologies, developed under the purview of NASA’s Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) project, could cut airline fuel use in half, pollution by 75 percent and noise to nearly one-eighth of today’s levels. “If these technologies start finding their way into the … Continue reading

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Graphene could be used to clean up Nuclear waste, say Scientists

Graphene, the thinnest and strongest substance known to science, could be used to help detoxify nuclear waste thanks to the latest discovery involving the wonder material. Experiments show that it can act as a “super sieve”, able to separate different atomic isotopes of hydrogen, and create the expensive “heavy water” needed by the nuclear industry, researchers said. This is the first time that graphene – which consists of a crystal lattice of carbon arranged … Continue reading

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India closing in on Westinghouse deal to build 6 Nuclear Reactors

NEW DELHI: India expects to seal a contract with Westinghouse Electric Co LLC to build six nuclear reactors in the first half of next year, a senior government official said, in a sign its $150 billion dollar nuclear power programme is getting off the ground. The proposed power plant in Gujarat will accelerate India’s plans to build roughly 60 reactors, which would make it the world’s second-biggest nuclear energy market after China. India wants … Continue reading

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Materials Scientists are the Alchemists of the 21st century

Materials scientists are the alchemists of the 21st century, creating miraculous compounds that appear to achieve the impossible. The aerospace industry is pushing these to their limits, as Neil Glover, chief of materials – capability acquisition at Rolls-Royce, explains. The heart of a jet engine is like a blast furnace and the hotter it is, the more efficient the engine. So designers face a constant battle to create components that can withstand ever higher … Continue reading

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ORNL achieves milestone with Plutonium-238 sample

With the production of 50 grams of plutonium-238, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have restored a U.S. capability dormant for nearly 30 years and set the course to provide power for NASA and other missions. Plutonium-238 produces heat as it decays and can be used in systems that power spacecraft instruments. The new sample, which is in the same oxide powder form used to manufacture heat sources for power … Continue reading

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With DOE Grant, UW to Study Retrieval of RareEarth Elements from CoalAsh

December 22, 2015 — University of Wyoming researchers have received a $600,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a way to recover rare earth elements from the ash of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin coal. UW’s research project is one of 10 from around the country selected to receive funding from DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory to support the lab’s program on recovering rare earth elements from coal and coal byproducts. … Continue reading

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