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Carbonyl Surface Coating

Stage 1 A preliminary test applying a carbonyl nickel coating to several substrates was performed at CVMR Corporation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (see Appendix 1-B in the Introduction Chapter). Zinc alloy A190, copper alloy C110 and low-carbon steel surfaces were prepared by depositing carbonyl nickel at 175 °C (347 °F). The coated specimens were subjected to various thermal exposures to increase interface bonding and to reduce residual stresses. The specimen geometries comprised planchets, approximately … Continue reading

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The Carbonyl Nickel Coin Manufacturing Concept

1.Background The carbonyl or Mond process was discovered in 1884 when Ludwig Mond noticed that hot carbon monoxide (CO) gas would severely corrode nickel. The carbonyl process exploits the ability of CO to form compounds with many of the transition elements in Groups VIA to VIIIA of the Periodic Table of Elements. The process works particularly well for nickel and it is reversible. That is, nickel can be extracted from a substrate, or deposited … Continue reading

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The carbonyl process is not part of the proposed action or any of the alternatives discussed in this EA, but it was briefly investigated during the course of this effort, so a concise summary of the process and the potential environmental impacts are included for reference. The carbonyl process was invented in 1903 and deposits nickel, iron, cobalt and some other metals by a relatively low-temperature gaseous process; but also can extract these metals … Continue reading

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