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Vale sees Nickel opportunity in Electric Vehicle growth

Adoption of electric cars in developed countries could result in a strong future for Brazilian mining group Vale’s large nickel mining and smelting operations in Canada and New Caledonia in the South Pacific, CEO Murilo Ferreira said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press briefing at the New York Stock Exchange, Ferreira made a bold prediction that half of the cars in the Group of Seven industrialized democracies — the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy … Continue reading

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Demand for Lithium expected to triple

Lithium, or white petrol as it’s becoming known, is a hot commodity. Demand for the metal could triple in the next ten years, driven particularly by a rise in demand for batteries in products like smartphones, laptops and electric cars. Only today a group of leading carmakers including Ford, BMW and Porsche announced they wanted to build a Europe-wide network of charging stations for electric vehicles, and that’s music to the ears of lithium … Continue reading

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Copper to enter ‘substantial’ supply deficit starting from 2021:Sonami

The copper market will start to enter a “substantial” supply deficit from 2021, pushing prices of the industrial metal higher, the head of Chile’s national mining association Sonami said on Monday. “In the near term, mining companies are not investing in additional capacity and copper demand is growing at a pace of around 2 percent a year,” Sonami Chairman Diego Hernandez told the Copper 2016 industry conference in Kobe, Japan. Supply growth will likely … Continue reading

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Move Over Platinum, We Want Nickel!

A catalyst developed by researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is revolutionizing catalyst design — the way they are studied, how they work, and how much they cost — and it may help meet the ever-growing demand for energy with minimal environmental impact. Catalysts make things happen. They speed up chemical reactions and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce useful products. For example, catalysts are used in electrochemical systems to … Continue reading

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Padmasree Warrior Wants to Transform the Auto Industry

Padmasree Warrior believes that by leveraging the Internet of Things, the next generation of vehicles will be better poised to eliminate the pain points that come with owning and maintaining a car. One of the most respected and influential women in technology has left a Silicon Valley company for one based in the Far East, and she’s poised to bring technology to the next level in a fast-growing (and fast-moving) new space. As her … Continue reading

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First Copper Nickel mine in Minnesota inches forward

The company behind Minnesota’s first copper-nickel mine is putting its shoulder to the wheel of a project that has been over a decade in the making. On Friday Polymet Mining (TSX:POM, NYSE:PLM) announced it has applied for a permit to mine copper, nickel and precious metals at a site in northern Minnesota known as The Duluth Complex – a rich vein of minerals stretching from about 150 miles north of Duluth to the Canadian … Continue reading

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USArmy to test radical ‘Iron Man’ bullet-proof liquid armour that gives soldiers super-human strength

U.S. Special Operations Command working with MIT and others on suit Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit will combine a bulletproof material with an exoskeleton to give the wearer super-human strength U.S. Scientists are working on next-generation combat wear for soldiers inspired by the nano suit worn in the Iron Man films – and say it could be just two years away. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (Talos) would effectively give its wearer superpowers, … Continue reading

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Are scientists on the brink of creating a non-combustible Lithium battery?

Samsung faces the first class action lawsuit targeting several of its smartphones, beyond the recalled Note 7. The complaint filed Wednesday in California claims Samsung Note 5, S6 and S7 phones “all pose a risk of overheating, fire and explosion.” In a statement to “CBS This Morning,” Samsung said: “We don’t comment on pending litigation, but would like to underscore that the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 are isolated to only that model.” … Continue reading

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Chile holds line on Lithium exploration limits despite price rise

Nov 2 Chile is sticking to its policy of limiting the exploitation of its vast lithium reserves, the country’s mining minister told Reuters on Wednesday, despite a surge in prices for the battery and electronics ingredient. Battery-grade lithium prices tripled to more than $20,000 a tonne in top consumer China over the summer as demand surged, but Chile continues to consider the mineral as “strategic” and limits its production. Private investors, desperate to cash … Continue reading

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Midas Letter in Argentina: Eliminating export tax creates an opportunity for Canadian miners

One of Argentina’s first orders of business after the ouster of former president Cristina Ferdinand de Kirchner and the installation of the free market-oriented president Mauricio Macri was to eliminate a foreign export tax on minerals that rendered projects in other countries more attractive. That announcement, made in February 2016, has had the effect, along with the explosion in lithium interest, of dramatically improving the rate of foreign investment entering the country. In Argentina’s … Continue reading

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