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Princeton University: Call for immediate push for CO2-removal technology

The escalating effects of climate change now demand a substantial research initiative to develop and launch “negative emissions technologies” (NETs) that remove and sequester carbon dioxide directly from the air, according to a recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Stephen Pacala, Princeton’s Frederick D. Petrie Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and co-director of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, chaired the 24-member NAS committee that spent the year researching and … Continue reading

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Water fight raises questions over Chile lithium mining

The true state of the #Salar’s water supply, both fresh and saltwater, has become an obsession of #Lithium industry watchers because of the area’s huge importance in satisfying soaring global demand for the powdery white metal. The area is the most cost-efficient place in the world to mine the metal, and both SQM and Albemarle have staked much of their future production on the Salar. Ref:

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Chile wants Lithium to be traded on LME

Chile’s mining minister Baldo Prokurica asked the London Metals Exchange (LME) Wednesday to consider trading the coveted metal used in the batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs) and high-tech devices, and so provide greater “clarity” about its value. On his first visit to Britain after taking office in March of this year, Prokurica met with local companies about potential partnerships with state-miner Codelco to eventually produce value-added lithium products, EFE news agency reports. In … Continue reading

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Mining and Refining Magnesium in California

TORONTO, October 11, 2018 ( – The US economy is growing faster than anyone had expected. Self-sufficiency in raw materials has become of great importance. Magnesium is a crucial element used in various industries, medicine, and food supplements. The White Moon magnesite mine is situated near San Bernardino, California, and has sufficient reserves of magnesium to curtail substantial imports of magnesium into the United States from China. White Moon is taking advantage of this … Continue reading

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Forbes: After A Tough 12 Months Copper And Nickel Should Be Next Year’s Metal Winners

Commodities, for good reason, are not the flavor of the month with investors but for anyone looking ahead 2019 could be a good year for copper and nickel, if 400 metal industry professionals are correctly reading their crystal balls. The flipside of the optimism in a survey taken in the British capital during London Metals Week is a negative outlook for two other metals, zinc and aluminum. Conducted by Macquarie, an Australian-based investment bank, … Continue reading

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BBC News: CO2 Capture – What are these technology solutions?

Climate scientists meeting in #Korea are being urged to avoid relying on untested technologies as a way of keeping global temperature rise under 1.5C. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will shortly publish a report on how the world might stay below this limit. Early drafts said it would require machines to suck carbon out of the air. The IPCC special report, to be released on Monday, is expected to point towards the use … Continue reading

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This New Lithium Battery Tech Can by MIT Simply Suck Up CO2 to Power Itself

Everybody knows the world’s got a serious carbon dioxide problem, but an ingenious and potentially cost-effective way of dealing with our surplus CO2 could provide the means of tomorrow’s battery technology. For years scientists have looked at ways of capturing carbon and storing it underground or even potentially in the ocean. But a new system might offer a powerful advantage over these efforts. The problem with conventional carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) systems, according … Continue reading

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