Toyota’s plans to build a hydrogen-based society

The Japanese automaker says it will sell 30,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2020 and use hydrogen at its factories to reach ambitious environmental targets.

Over the next several decades, Toyota says it will slash emissions generated from new vehicles and its production processes. To get there, the company is betting on hydrogen and renewable energy.

Toyota outlined Wednesday a series of ambitious environmental targets—the earliest of which kick in by the end of the decade. The Japanese automaker says it will cut emissions generated by production to roughly half of 2001 levels by 2020, and roughly one-third by 2030. Emissions generated by new vehicles will be slashed 22% by the end of the decade, compared to Toyota’s 2010 global average. By 2050, Toyota says it will cut emissions from new vehicles 90% and eliminate them altogether at its factories (at new plants and new production lines).


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