The Powders that make the Products

CVMR and AREVA announce an alliance for metal powder production and refining facilities

Canada’s CVMR Corporation (CVMR)  and AREVA Federal Services LLC (AFS), a US subsidiary of AREVA,  have announced an alliance for the deployment of metal powder  production, refining and manufacturing plants in the United States.  It is stated that the plants will position CVMR as the industry leader  for powdered metal production based on their proprietary systems  and technology. The projects will include research and production  facilities.

CVMR’s vapour metallurgy  processes and technologies have been developed over 28 years and  are claimed to offer highly cost effective and environmentally  neutral powder production. A large ortion of the US plant will be  dedicated to the production of metal powders used in Additive Manufacturing,  graphite and grapheme processing.

AFS will provide engineering,  procurement and construction management services under the  direction of CVMR. The company will start the industrial production plant conceptual design and cost estimate in 2014 with early completion in  first quarter 2015. “The resources of AFS are complementary to the  rapid development of our projects and expeditious delivery of advanced  materials to industry,” stated Kamran M Khozan, Chairman and  CEO of CVMR Corporation.

CVMR will develop the plants as  part of a global initiative for fully integrated metal extraction, refining  and manufacturing operations. The company is also reported to be  developing other metal production facilities around the world.



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