“We are a generation that has observed revolution in telecommunication, information dissemination technologies, robotics and printing of various three-dimensional metal objects. This last one will change the face and function of manufacturing completely. The days of tool, die and mold making will be over soon. Steel mills will not produce steel the inefficient way they are doing today. The industries that use metals and plastics in manufacturing things will not be the same in the next ten years. They will be much more efficient, environmentally neutral and allow customers to have their own unique ideas incorporated into the objects they buy. Graphite and graphene will take centre stage in the objects and the equipment we use. 4D Printing offers an exciting capability. This is truly a radical shift in our understanding of structures, which have up to now remained static and rigid. (Think of the output of aerospace and automotive industries, civil structures and pipelines, etc.) They will soon become dynamic, variable in size and shape, adaptable for on-demand performance. They can reshape, assemble or disassemble themselves over short periods of time. All one has to do is to add some kind of energy. This could be kinetic energy, electrical energy, change of temperature, pressure, or at times a change in the ambient environment of the object. Those manufacturers who do not pay attention to this revolution, will not be here in ten years time.” Kamran M. Khozan

CVMR Corporation (CVMR®) is a privately held multinational organization with its head office and R & D Centre in Toronto, Canada. It is engaged in:

  • Mining and metal refining some 35 metals, using its own proprietary vapour metallurgy processes and technologies and its own mineral resources;
  • Manufacturing high value metal powders, nano-powders, subnano-powders, net shapes and super alloys, using CVMR’s proprietary processes;
  • Providing feed materials for 2D, 3D and 4D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM);
  • Manufacturing graphite films on nickel substrates, using cold-wall chemical vapour deposition (CVD) from a mixture of hydrogen and methane;
  • Manufacturing graphene from CO2, and/or CH4;
  • Refining of graphite and creation of graphite sheets coated or imbedded with nano- metal powders;
  • Providing a range of technologically innovative solutions to the mining, refining and metal powder manufacturing industries;
  • Refining of lithium in chloride-based brine, sulphate-based brine, fossilized brine clay deposits and spodumene;
  • Refining of lithium in brine using a proprietary combination of hydro and vapour metallurgy processes. The process can easily and economically overcome the magnesium and boron barriers to refining of lithium. It allows reagents to be recycled making it quite suitable for locations where logistics would be of major concern;
  • Refining and developing raw materials for nano-flowcell vanadium batteries, and batteries based on various combinations of lithium, manganese oxide (LMO); lithium, manganese, nickel oxide (LMNO); lithium, nickel, cobalt, aluminum oxide (LNCA).

Credentials & Experience

CVMR®’s proprietary technologies enable it to refine metals directly from raw ore, tailings, concentrates, scrap metals, and contaminated metals, in order to manufacture metal powders, including nano-powders, subnano-powders, coatings, net shapes of various kinds, mostly in nickel and iron, cobalt, PGE, manganese, REE, tantalum, molybdenum, titanium, vanadium, copper, gold, silver, altogether 35 different metals. CVMR® can refine laterite ores rapidly and at a lower operational cost than other prevailing refining methods, and produces high value products that are used directly by a variety of industries.

CVMR® has extensive experience in refining of lithium in brine and from spodumene. In cooperation with its sister companies M-Power Corporation (www.mpowercorp.ca) and EnerCarbon Inc. (www.enercarbon.com) CVMR is engaged in converting CO2 and/or methane gas to graphene and to produce battery grade graphite. It also produces battery grade lithium, manganese, nickel, cobalt and vanadium.

Over the past 30 years, CVMR® has developed a series of unique processes and technologies for refining of 35 metals and creation of graphite and graphene from which it can manufacture various end user products. CVMR®’s technologies are based on proven chemical processes and methods some of which were invented some 100 years ago.

The proprietary vapour metallurgy processes used by CVMR® refine various metals by chemically vaporizing them close to atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperatures. It manufactures various metal powders and metal parts, as part of the same process, for the end user markets. CVMR® processes do not melt the metals as is done in the usual smelting processes. CVMR®'s plants are pollution free and completely neutral to the environment. They create no air, water or soil pollution of any kind. CVMR®’s plants are hermetically sealed and all gases used in its various processes of vaporizing the metals are recycled.

All CVMR®'s refining/manufacturing plants are built on a modular basis, enabling a substantial degree of flexibility, allowing a plant to be built and to grow in size gradually, in different phases. Each phase is self sufficient and pays off its own capital cost in less than three years and continues to operate as a module within the larger, fully integrated operation for the entire life of the plant, estimated to be well over 35 years. Each module is capable of processing different ores, concentrates or metal scraps and hence manufacturing various metal products, for diverse markets. CVMR®’s refining/manufacturing process is capable of producing pure metal products with very high degree of purity. Moreover, it produces products for final consumption without a need for further enhancement, e.g. various metal powders for use in batteries, 3D Printing, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing, nano-powders, net shapes, medical instruments, computer parts, electronic parts, moulds and tools, super alloys, sophisticated net shapes for use in the defence and space industries, etc.

All such output, inevitably attracts highly valued sophisticated industries with high paying industrial jobs as secondary industries that CVMR®’s products can feed into Just-In-Time, enhancing any host country’s economy far beyond the value added to the mined and recycled metals. CVMR®'s products have had a very strong, dependable export market for high value metal powders and net shapes in the past 28 years. All indicators point to an even stronger international market with substantial potential for growth.


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