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CVDS™ is dedicated to the advancement and commercialization of our Metal Organic Chemical Vapour technology, sometimes referred to, in its specific form when applied to nickel, as Nickel Vapour Deposition (NVD).

CVDS™ has developed a unique, cost effective and environmentally safe MOCVD technology for forming pure nickel shapes on a heated substrate (composite or metallic). These net nickel shapes are used in the plastics, automotive, defence and aerospace industries.

CVD Manufacturing Inc. has successfully produced and delivered a variety of nickel moulds to a number of customers, including:
*  General Motors,
*  Chrysler,
*  Ford,
*  3M,
*  Pratt and Whitney,
*  Los Alamos Laboratories,
*  U.S. Department of Energy,
*  University of Washington,
*  Sudbury Neutrino Observatory,
*  Canadian Space Agency
*  Boeing
and many more scientific institutions and corporations.

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