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Building a CVD plant.
  Our design, engineering, construction, provisions for training services and assembly of turnkey chemical vapour deposition plants are all fully licensed by the environmental protection agencies of the governments in Canada, U.S., E.U. countries and Japan.
Manufacture of Net Shapes, Parts, and Tool Inserts.
  CVD Manufacturing Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures net shapes, near net shapes and nickel shells. We also manufacture inserts for printing plates, reflectors and other optical applications, along with moulding inserts for automotive parts, fixtures, medical instruments and other special applications using nickel and nickel alloys.
Purification and Reclamation of Contaminated Metals.
  The MOCVD process, as designed and operated by CVDS™, results in a high purity metal product, leaving all possible contaminants in the reactor, to be disposed of according to the regulations of the host country. CVDS™'s processed nickel was chosen for the multi-national Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) {} project, because of the high degree of purity of the nickel.
Research and Development.
  CVDS™ is involved in a number of projects intended to widen the scope of MOCVD's application to a variety of industries and their particular technologies.
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