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Building a CVD Plant.
Manufacture of Net Shapes, Parts, and Tool Inserts.
Purification and Reclamation of Contaminated Metals.
Research and Development.

Research and Development

CVDS is involved in a number of projects intended to widen the scope of MOCVD's application to a variety of industries and their particular technologies.

Examples of projects handled and being researched are:

  • nickel tubes for observation of neutrinos
  • coating of ceramic needles, high quality optics used in laser communications
  • creation of MOCVD super-alloys
  • CVD of Beryllium and Chromium
  • metal refining and purification


With specific deposition parameters, the deposited nickel or nickel alloys can be bonded to materials such as gold, copper, carbon etc.

The types of application where these features are valuable are:

  • replacement of hard chromium finishings
  • deposition on non-electrically conductive surfaces,
  • deposition onto complex shapes and microscopic cavities


Thermal decomposition of metal organic compounds at specific parameters has led to the production of various powders with different densities and shapes. CVDS's process can produce a variety of nickel powders, nickel alloy powders and other metal powders for applications in batteries and for other industrial uses.


One of our processes involves deposition of nickel and other metals within a porous material body. Such a process is widely used for the fabrication of ceramic matrix composites, particularly reinforcement of carbon and silicon carbide fibers used in the manufacture of composite materials.


Modification of deposition parameters can result in the formation of metal foams with different densities and compositions. Our unique process for the production of metal foams is a closed loop system. Furthermore, it does not require incineration of the substrate.

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