CVMR®’s Major Clients

Technology Transfer and Research & Development:

Company Name

Technology transfer



Tesla Canada Nickel Powder production for batteries 2020 - Continuing
Green Earth Elements Conversion of coal to graphene and graphite 2019 - Continuing
BAAL-Perazim Resources Conversion of coal to graphene and graphite 2018 - Continuing
Sama Resources Inc. Partnership 2017
Vrije Universiteit Brussel Coating, tungsten and copper wires 2014- Continuing
Alkali Metal Mongolia 2013- Continuing
Barrick Gold Refining Iron from Gold concentrate 2012- Continuing
AREVA Federal Services
DOE Nickel decontamination  projects 2012- Continuing
North American Palladium Refining palladium from concentrate 2012- Continuing
Arcanum Alloy design Nickel & Chromium coatings 2012- Continuing
US Mint Coating coins with nickel 2012 - Continuing
(U.S. Defence Department)
Confidential 2012 - Continuing
Johnson Matthey PGE refining 2012 - Continuing
S. Africa
Refining Nickel/ Cobalt/PMs 2012 - Continuing
Pratt & Whitney Nickel coating 2012 - Continuing
Virgin Galactic Nickel coating 2012 - Continuing
National Laboratory
Classified 2011- Continuing
Burundi Metals & Mining
Refining nickel, iron and PGM from laterite ore 2011 - Continuing
Braemore Resources Plc Refining nickel and iron from PGM alloy to concentrate PGM 2011 - Continuing
Sylvania platinum Refining nickel and iron from PGM alloy to concentrate PGM 2011 - Continuing
General Dynamics Classified 2010-Continuing
US Bureau of Engraving Classified 2010 - Continuing
US DOE –Oak Ridge
National Laboratories
Recycling Zirconium cladding via iodide and chloride process 2009 - Continuing
EXXARO Refining Titanium via iodide process 2009 - 2010
BYD Batteries Recycling nickel from battery 2008 - 2009
China Minmetal Corporation Mining and refining 2006 - Continuing
Avery Dennison Optical part coating 2006 - 2008
Allegheny Technologies
(ATI  Wah Chang)
Recycling Titanium 2006 - 2007
Parker Medical NVD nickel deposition on needles 2006 - 2007
Impala platinum Refining PGM 2004-2006
KBA-Giori NVD nickel deposition on plastic money plate 2004-2005
Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Refining nickel from high grade matte 2004 - Continuing
Doll Research Center
Deposition on silicon wafer 2004 - 2007
General Dynamics NVD nickel deposition 2004 - 2006
National Laboratory
Copper Vapour Deposition 2003 - 2007
Conoco USA Nickel coating on carbon fiber 2002 -2003
Jinchuan Technical Support (Refining nickel from high grade matte) 2002 - 2006
Flour Daniel / OPTI
(CNOOC Canada Inc)
Scrubbing nickel carbonyl from oil refinery gas stream 2002 - 2003
US Bureau of Engraving NVD for US dollar money plate 2000 - 2002
General Motors Nickel deposition for slush moulds 2000 - 2002
Alcan Aluminum
(Rio Tinto Alcan)
Nickel infiltration 2000 - 2002
Nickel refining nickel and powder production 1999 - 2005
Brush Wellman HIP cans 1997 - 2002
Galvanoform NVD for mould making 1995 - Continuing
US DOE Refining contaminated nickel barrier membrane 1994 - Continuing
Canadian Department
of Defense
Ultra sonic cans for submarines 1993 -Continuing
Vale- INCO Nickel Vapour Deposition system 1986

CVMR®’s products sale:

Company Name


Client since


MIM King Industries Inc. Nickel Powder 2011–Continuing
Trinity Precision
Technology Co. Ltd
Nickel Powder 2011–Continuing
Cheng Uei Precision
Industry Co.Ltd.(Foxlink)
Nickel Powder 2011–Continuing
Sion Power Nickel Powder 2011–Continuing
General Electric Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
3M Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
H.C.Starck (Germany) Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Nikko Rica Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Nilar Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Global Tungsten Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Diamond Innovation Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
FZ Sonick Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
FloMet LLC Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Netshape Technologies Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Norco Metals Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Rheinmetall Defence Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Wellman Products Group Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Parmatech Corporation Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Dowton Electronic
Materials Co.,Ltd
Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
CuLox Technologies Inc Nickel powder 2010–Continuing
Tyco Electronics Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Jiangsu Highstar Battery
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Shocking Technologies Inc. Nickel Powder 2010–Continuing
Strem Chemicals Nickel Carbonyl Supply 2004- Continuing
Sate-Lite Mfg Ltd Molds / Reflexes 2004 - 2008
Guide Corporation Molds / Reflexes 2002 - 2005
H&K Reflex Molds / Reflexes 1998 - 2004
University of Washington
Sudbury Neutrino
High purity Nickel tubes
for detection of Neutrino
1992 - 2003

Technological achievements and major contracts:

Contracts Name


NVD nickel purity

Support from Canadian National Defence

Agreement with Gipronickel for joint technology development

Agreement with Atomic Energy Russia for joint technology development

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) project

Falconbridge (Xstrata) nickel refining and products development project

H&K Reflex optical inserts making project

Jilin Jien nickel refining project

Canadian National Defence support to DOE Nickel Project