CVMR-CCB conference on the establishment of a strategic minerals refinery plant in the DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), represented by the Congolese Battery Council, jointly with the CVMR Corporation (CVMR) of Toronto, Canada, under the auspices of the Congolese Battery Council (CCB), announces its collaboration on the subject of launch of its strategic initiative for the construction of a critical minerals refinery in the DRC, an initiative of His Excellency, President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

Today, both parties launched the first phase of this partnership to carry out detailed technical studies evaluating the possibility of building a state-of-the-art critical minerals refinery in the DRC. These studies will estimate the best location as well as the necessary infrastructure, the financial aspects of the project and all the elements necessary for the construction and operation of the refinery, as well as the rehabilitation of associated infrastructure. CVMR’s total investment is expected to exceed US$1 billion.

Mr. Denis Lecouturier, Director General of the CCB, welcomed the distinguished guests, explaining that this flagship initiative of the CCB “propels the Congo into the future of global energy transformation”. By adding value to Congo’s raw minerals – in Congo – the DRC can expect to further anchor itself in the global value chain of strategic minerals. Mr. Lecouturier added that the DRC “has opted for a policy aimed at guaranteeing an added value of Congolese minerals within the DRC, which is why the President created the CCB to facilitate this objective”.

Mr. Jérôme Makimba, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CCB, expressed his satisfaction that the CCB could quickly advance in the objectives given to it when it was created a year ago, to “transform the value chains of battery materials in the President’s vision, to include cobalt, nickel, lithium, manganese, graphite and copper, which will create regional industrial diversification of Africa’s economy, in Africa, for Africans.”

As indicated by the Secretary General of Industry, His Excellency Mr. Julien Paluku Kahongya, Minister of Industry, welcomed the initiative, adding “We are progressing in the implementation of the transformation objectives of His Excellency President Tshisekedi by launching the technical studies today. CVMR, based in Toronto, is at the forefront of metals refining, and this will be the first step in expanding the value chain in the DRC. The technical studies will last six to eight months, while the refinery will be built in two years. »

Thanking the hosts and guests, Mr. Kamran Khozan, President and CEO of CVMR, said: “We are here to be full partners of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rather than exporting concentrates to global refineries, we intend to refine the minerals here in the DRC and export the finished product. »

Word from Mr. Brian McCollow, Vice President of Global Affairs of CVMR USA: “We are here at the invitation of the Congolese Government. We thank the DRC and the Congolese Battery Council for their hospitality and look forward to developing this monumental and strategic joint venture that will mark the global transition to a clean energy economy. »

The partners intend to begin refining nickel and cobalt concentrates and increase volumes as well as diversify into other minerals as market demands increase. These targets are developed in line with Congo’s global commitments for net zero emissions, they will amplify Congo’s role in sustainable global supply chains for critical minerals and place Congo at the heart of the energy future.

About the Congolese Battery Council: The Congolese Battery Council (CCB) is a public institution created with the aim of establishing, promoting and managing the value chains of minerals used in the manufacture of batteries. New strategies are needed for the transition to clean and renewable energy, and the CCB places the Democratic Republic of Congo at the center of this energy transition, with its significant reserves of natural resources necessary for the manufacture of various batteries and related materials. For more information, visit:

About CVMR Corporation: CVMR Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with global mining and refining operations. CVMR refines 36 different metals in varied morphologies using its proprietary patented technology. In its 40-year operational history, CVMR is proud to have had no safety incidents or environmental hazards, thanks to its environmentally neutral and safe metals refining approach, which uses no acids and does not has no impact on air, water or soil. For more information, visit:

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