China Jilin Makes Carbonyl Iron Powder, Nickel Powder And Molybdenum As Industry Focus

The Carbonyl facility at Jilin was designed, engineered and constructed by CVMR Corporation. CVMR is a shareholder in the Jilin facility and has been producing nickel and iron powders and variety of nano-powders over the past 15 years. Despite the downturn in the commodities market, the demand for various metal powders remains quite strong and in certain cases actually increasing.

The latest China Jilin metallurgical industry development plan proposed the development priorities and layout. The carbonyl iron powder, nickel powder, and molybdenum industry are included in key content. Carbonyl iron powder has the characteristics of high purity, ultra-fine and active. It is produced by the carbonylation metallurgical techniques and it can be widely used in metallurgy, electronics, military, mechanical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields. The project is expected to invest 150 million RMB, including fixed assets investment of 130 million RMB.
Complete the 100-ton pilot plant construction in 2009, 2012, 2010, 2000 tons / year of carbonyl iron construction. Production of the project, the annual sales income of 160 million RMB, total profit of 66.93 million RMB, 26.78 million RMB of taxes. Meanwhile, the carbonyl can produce high-purity nickel balls, metal powder, alloy powder, coating powder, nickel foam and nano nickel powder products.
The total investment is 674 million RMB, including fixed assets investment of 614.8 million RMB, the plan implemented in two phases: in 2010, a construction, 2000t / a carbonyl nickel production capacity, completed an investment of 300 million RMB; 2011 – 2013 complete Phase II construction, the production capacity of 6000t / a. After being put into the new sales revenue of 922.8 million RMB, total profit of 164.76 million RMB, 102.48 million RMB of taxes.
Montenegro resources, Jilin, China 1.6 billion 50 million tons of ore reserves containing molybdenum amounted to 1.09 million tons, is Asia’s second largest molybdenum resource base, good ore character, optional, handling simple beneficiation, is produced in China an important base of high-quality molybdenum concentrate.
The main construction content of changes and buildings in molybdenum series products are about the change and expansion of Montenegro and adopt of the election to change the extension and new molybdenum deep processing production lines. The project is expected to invest 460 million RMB. The project construction period is from 2009 to 2012. After the operation, the molybdenum production capacity of metal powder exporter is improved from 1500 tons to 5000 tons. The increasing sales income is about 500 million RMB. The profit is 85.65 million RMB, in which 50.18 million RMB is the taxes. At the same time, the elongated molybdenum series products chain are transfers from extensive machining to finishing and deep processing, thereby producing ammonium molybdate, sodium molybdate, molybdenum, iron, molybdenum wire, molybdenum, molybdenum powder, molybdenum block and molybdenum rods. Through the introduction of technology and the development of high value-added products, the sales income reaches 2.5 billion RMB. At the same time, profits and taxes are 450 million RMB.Source:

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