Refining Coal into Renewable Energy Products

At Green Earth Elements we convert our coal to graphite and graphene oxides by using CVMR’s technologies. GEE is in the process of acquiring two more abandoned U.S. coal mines so that these added resources could enable us to expand our line of derivative products from the conversion of coal. GEE signed a long-term cooperation agreement with CVMR (USA) Inc., a Subsidiary of CVMR Corporation of Canada, in January 2019 for the use of their proprietary technologies in the conversion of coal to value added products. Our first series of graphite powders reached the market in September 2020.

The compound structure of each coal mine has to be tested thoroughly by CVMR before we can embark on the processing of the coal. These tests can reveal the most suitable products that can be produced from each mine source. The tests on the mines to be acquired by Green Earth Elements have proven to be quite promising. We expect a new line of products from GEEs in 2022.

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