Refining coal to fuel renewable energy

BAAL Perazim Resources is a diversified coal, oil and gas and renewable energy company, which produces and markets coal, oil and gas from their own North American mines. In addition, BAAL aligns itself with responsible coal and gas resource owners outside the United States ensuring that all such joint practices do not infringe on human rights and do not harm the environment. BAAL is committed to implementing practices that promote sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

BAAL’s entered into an agreement with CVMR Corporation for the use of their coal conversion technologies, in 2018. CVMR has assisted BAAL in the production of carbon-based nanomaterials. As a result, we now have the potential to support the renewable energy sector. CVMR’s proprietary processes can incorporate coal as a source of inexpensive feed material to produce high-value sophisticated products. In addition to graphene and graphite, CVMR can refine coal into over 22 other sophisticated materials.

Since 2018 BAAL has been using CVMR Corporation’s proprietary technologies in coal conversion for the production of graphene and graphite used in the manufacture of Super-Capacitors, Super-Conductors, rechargeable batteries and armoured plates. All derived from BAAL’s coal mines in the United State. We are now in the process of incorporating CVMR’s modular CO2 conversion unites in our clients’ oil refineries and manufacturing plants.

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